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Bamboo Heirloom Tea Chest Featuring Eight Teas - Wrapped Sachets

Bamboo Heirloom Tea Chest Featuring Eight Teas - Wrapped Sachets


Etched with our Harney & Sons logo and crafted to exquisiteness, this beautiful bamboo wooden tea chest with black accents makes an elegant and delectable addition to any tea-drinker's arsenal. We've filled each chest with eight of our favorite teas, each variety carefully selected to appease every thirst. A total of 32 individually wrapped sachets per chest—just right for brewing up a pot to enjoy with friends, or savoring yourself over time.


Each chest contains:

A variety of 8 teas (pre-selected by us, not customisable)

4 of each variety



    Shipping from Kuala Lumpur within 1 to 2 business day.

    Free shipping for West Malaysia for orders from RM98 and above.

    Free shipping to East Malaysia for orders from RM148 and above.

    Shipping to Singapore is limited to private orders below RM1000 value, above please place a separate order.

    For shipping to countries outside Malaysia and Singapore, please contact us.

  • Order & Payment

    Direct payment by debit/credit card upon check 

    For manual payments, we will revert with proforma invoice and bank transfer instructions, this process may slow your delivery time.

    Oversea friends, in Asian countries without Harney & Sons appointed distributor, welcome to use our contact us page, we will get back to you.

  • Product information

    size 40.5 cm large, 23 cm depth, 5.7 cm high

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