Congo - Malongo organic coffee

Congo - Malongo organic coffee


Congo - Malongo organic & fair trade ground coffee - Tin 250g


Coffee from the Kivu lake

This strong and complete “cru”, originating from superb coffee trees (Blue Mountain and Bourbon) grown on the lake shore over very rich volcanic slopes. It offers intense aromas balanced by and elegant vivacity. This exceptional Arabica coffee is found on old plantations that are situated on a small peninsula on the northwest shore of Lake Kivu. There, Malongo has established a partnership with a cooperative which is supporting the local growers from this region.


Tin 250 G ground coffee - Organic & Fair trade


Roasted & packed in France by Malongo

Malongo is the French leader in fair-trade and organic fine coffee and is present in some of the finest establishments around the planet. With a strict control from the plantation to the cup, Malongo, offers an extensive selection of carefully selected premium coffee.


All coffee beans at Malongo are roasted the old-fashioned traditional way,  in 20 minutes: Provided by an expert roaster, it allows the greatest Arabicas to reveal the full finesse of their aromas. The coffee is cooked at a temperature gradually increasing from 110 to 220 ° C. The only method capable of cooking the grain to the heart, as opposed to 10 minutes industrial "quick roast" or 90 seconds "flash roast".