Brasil Sul De Minas - Malongo coffee

Brasil Sul De Minas - Malongo coffee


Brasil Sul De Minas - Malongo Brazil pure origin grand coffee - Tin 250g


While Brazil is the first coffee producer in the world, connoisseurs will consider the “Sul De Minas” origin as the best from the country. 


A generous and powerful Arabica with a silky bitterness whose long-lasting flavour reveals itself on the palate. It will perfectly harmonise with deserts strong in chocolate.


Tin 250g ground coffee


Roasted & packed in France by Malongo

Malongo is the French leader in fair-trade and organic fine coffee and is present in some of the finest establishments around the planet. With a strict control from the plantation to the cup, Malongo, offers an extensive selection of carefully selected premium coffee.


All coffee beans at Malongo are roasted the old-fashioned traditional way,  in 20 minutes: Provided by an expert roaster, it allows the greatest Arabicas to reveal the full finesse of their aromas. The coffee is cooked at a temperature gradually increasing from 110 to 220 ° C. The only method capable of cooking the grain to the heart, as opposed to 10 minutes industrial "quick roast" or 90 seconds "flash roast".